a) Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica

The Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - International Exhibition Of Film Art organized by the Venice Biennale and this year in its 80th edition, has always been one of the most important events, at an international level, linked to the world of cinema.

Last year 2022, around 3,800 works entered the competition and were appropriately viewed by a group of experts, in charge of making the appropriate selection. Overall, more than 200 titles were presented in the various sections of the Festival, including retrospective and collateral sections.
These numbers give an idea of the complexity linked to the organization and management processes of an event of this magnitude.


b) BOFFI® FM FURNITURE SOFTWARE developed by Mammutmedia

Boffi® FM Furniture is software developed in Claris® Filemaker Pro®.
It is a general management software for networks of flagship stores in the furniture sector (modular kitchens, bathrooms, systems), distributed all over the world, multilingual and multi-currency, with which it is possible to check the economic results, set sale and purchase, compile offers / orders, issue invoices, record and prepare management reports for single store or centralized and aggregated.
The main features are stability, scalability, speed of implementation and changes. This makes the product ductile and flexible and allows functions and processes to be verticalized to meet very specific needs that can change quickly over time.
This explains why our product has been the system used successfully by major companies with networks of over 30 flagship stores and various mono-brand stores around the world, for a total of hundreds of simultaneous users and thousands of offers, orders and invoices.


c) ERP ASI Associazioni Sportive Italiane

This software developed in Claris FileMaker® is a comprehensive solution that provides various functionalities for managing memberships, patents, vouchers, and payment mandates. The software is designed to streamline the process of managing members, payments, and patented technicians, and to provide a user-friendly experience to its users.

The membership management functionality of the software includes a card request web portal, where users can request new membership cards using the ConiNet® model. The portal also allows users to submit payment requests and attach payment receipts in PDF or JPG format. The administration can verify the actual payments and manage exceptions through a user interface. The software also includes a dashboard for monitoring membership status and a procedure for loading payments into the forecast management software flow automatically.

The software provides affiliate and membership database loading procedures, which allow users to unify databases through affiliation code and tax code. It also includes a web access mask for local and affiliated entities to view their affiliates and members.


d) Client Manager Scai For Fit

Controlling your Fitness company has never been easier.
CLIENT MANAGER ® is a Business Performance Management management software that allows the management of customers of Fitness Clubs, swimming pools, physiotherapy centers and personal studios, business measurement and control, both in operational (economic) terms and in terms of meeting customer requirements. users (quality of service).
The management system generates key performance indicators (KPIs) to promptly highlight deviations from the identified objectives.
CLIENT MANAGER ® supports the entrepreneur, in maintaining firm control of the organization, carrying out an analysis of the current situation and a timely projection of the economic results to understand the future of the Fitness company and anticipate the best strategies.