perfect solutions


1. “Do you have an idea, a need, an unsolved problem? It all starts with an email, a phone call; then a videoconference or a meeting with a real handshake. It all starts with listening to you. This first meeting is essential to understand your real goals.

2. Feasibility and development of requirements. We will then work with you to define the best strategy to achieve those goals and proceed with the analysis to translate these ideas, this strategy, into a concrete project.

We will define the specifications: what it must do, in what environment, with what constraints
We will define how to develop it, its architecture, what data to manage, the interfaces, the algorithms
We will define the steps and implementation times: our method is AGILE, with continuous incremental releases each time tested by the customer.
We will define a first cost estimate.

3. Approve of the estimate and starting the work. Once the requirements document and the estimated quote are approved, we enter into an agreement between the parties. Subsequently, we will hold a kick-off meeting to coordinate the logistics and present the key players: who will be coordinator and manager of the project, but also who will develop it ... the relationship of trust and clear and transparent communication between supplier and customer is important for us, at all levels.
Then the works start!

4. Develop, meet and refine. We can host the application on our test servers or yours. We will keep you informed at all stages of development and testing. Status updates are provided with videoconferencing sessions and are scheduled according to the needs and size of the project. All the time taken will be tracked for maximum transparency.

5. Test, accept and distribute. Once the application has been thoroughly tested, integrated and tested by the customer, it will be published or installed on your production environment.

6. Maintenance and implementation. Implementations are often required as an organization begins to grow. We offer specific maintenance and implementation contracts for the systems created by intercepting the evolution of your business and always offering you new tools. In life there is always something to adapt, correct, perfect.

And one thing led to another ...”