Claris® Filemaker Pro Applications Development

 "Claris Filemaker, since version 1.0 of 1985, is certainly the database that best continues to represent the concepts of power, ductility and multiplatform usability.

Now in version 19 and the result, without solutions of continuity, of a constant technological evolution , allows even very complex management problems to be faced and solved, without however losing sight of the characteristics of rapid development and operating ergonomics, which have always been its absolute strength.

In this sense, the Mammutmedia team represents one of the most representative synergies in terms of the most experienced resources in the development of this platform, where everyone has managed to bring their important contribution for the creation of customized software with high added value.

Having successfully used Filemaker since the very first versions, our team has been able to put all its long experience to good use for the finalization of projects where know-how, flexibility, speed of intervention and integration capabilities constitute the important prerequisite.

The members of the Mammutmedia team have contributed to the creation of important information systems operating in the most diverse sectors, such as automotive, management of major events, sales management, management of industrial processes, analytical accounting, electronic commerce, education, management of sports centers and bodies, construction, tourism, …