03) Rome 12/04/2024 The Drivalia-Mammutmedia partnership agreement signed

“The partnership agreement has been signed between Mammutmedia and Drivalia, a strategic player in the panorama of 360° mobility in the automotive sector, active in 13 countries in Europe.
It is the first important step of a project that intends to support our customers and anyone who wants to become part of the "Mammutmedia Mobility" world, towards the transition to sustainable mobility.
In a phase of complex transformation of the automotive ecosystem which is generating strong technical, practical and economic resistance in the end user, our commitment is to make the practice of sustainable mobility concretely accessible to the greatest number of people.

We will constantly select, together with our partner, the best formulas and offers on the market, aiming for a constant expansion of affiliates and supporting the latter in information and awareness initiatives towards their members and employees.

In a spirit of maximum dissemination of the project, Mammutmedia, through its brand Mammutmedia Mobility, will make the agreements and its portals and web services free. We are certain that we will find great interest at a national level.

We therefore invite all companies, SMEs, institutions and institutional bodies and associations to contact us at our dedicated email mobility@mammutmedia.com to join our sustainable mobility agreement and to analyze the individual technical and communication needs together.

Mammutmedia Mobility: “Next to you towards sustainable mobility”