08) ERP ASI Associazioni Sportive Italiane

This software developed in Claris FileMaker® is a comprehensive solution that provides various functionalities for managing memberships, patents, vouchers, and payment mandates. The software is designed to streamline the process of managing members, payments, and patented technicians, and to provide a user-friendly experience to its users.

The membership management functionality of the software includes a card request web portal, where users can request new membership cards using the ConiNet® model. The portal also allows users to submit payment requests and attach payment receipts in PDF or JPG format. The administration can verify the actual payments and manage exceptions through a user interface. The software also includes a dashboard for monitoring membership status and a procedure for loading payments into the forecast management software flow automatically.

The software provides affiliate and membership database loading procedures, which allow users to unify databases through affiliation code and tax code. It also includes a web access mask for local and affiliated entities to view their affiliates and members.

The software can extract segmented data for marketing, promotions, and events, and manage mailing lists and promotional and informational events. The system can also manage membership renewals with alerts and memos, and extract data from the ConiNet® portal to intercept double affiliations.

The software's patent management functionality includes a verification process of existing enrollment of students enrolled in courses. The system publishes the patent register accessible to affiliates and territorial bodies, allowing them to search patented technicians by geographic area, sport, and discipline. The software includes the same payment management procedures as the membership payment management but with a different type of product. The system also provides a coded structure of items for sale made up of several levels, such as type and product detail. The web portal allows affiliates to search the patent register by geographic area, sport, and discipline.

The voucher management functionality provides an easy-to-use interface for managing vouchers, while the payment mandate management functionality allows users to manage payment mandates efficiently. The software also includes a messaging system restricted to administration, an e-mail system integrated into the system, and a price list management solution that allows the user to govern the possibility of making targeted and differentiated commercial offers for each Franchising Entity outside of ConiNet.

The software also includes a workflow system and email alerting to support operational activities. The system provides operational and strategic reporting on the FilemakerPro® platform, with data extraction for Business Intelligence use. Overall, this software is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process of managing memberships, patents, vouchers, and payment mandates, and provides a user-friendly experience to its users.